Prop Firms That Use TradingView (2024)

Prop Firms That Use TradingView (1)

TradingView is an invaluable tool for traders of all levels, providing cutting-edge charting and analytical resources. The platform has made a significant impact on the trading community, and many proprietary (prop) trading firms have adopted it as a key part of their trading infrastructure.

This article will delve into the features that make TradingView popular among prop firms and highlight three key platforms that actively use TradingView for their trading activities.

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Why TradingView is Popular Among Prop Firms

TradingView is not just a charting platform; it’s a community-powered ecosystem designed for traders and investors. One of its strongest selling points is its user-friendliness, with an easy-to-use interface that can be navigated effortlessly.

Moreover, TradingView offers a multitude of features including a wide array of technical indicators, real-time data, and social networking features that enable traders to share their insights and learn from others. It is especially useful for prop firms, which often need to monitor multiple assets and timeframes.

The platform’s flexibility allows traders to customize their workspace according to individual or group needs, something that is often necessary in a prop trading environment.

Three Key Platforms That Use TradingView


Prop Firms That Use TradingView (2)

TopStep is one of the premier prop trading firms that actively uses TradingView as part of its trading toolkit. Recognized for its rigorous trader evaluation process, TopStep offers funded accounts to traders who can prove their skill level through a set of simulated trading challenges.

TradingView aids in this process by providing robust analytics and charting capabilities, allowing traders to make more informed decisions. TopStep values the customization and real-time data features of TradingView, which are instrumental in maintaining high trading standards. Get started with TopStep and save 20% via our exclusive link!

Funded Trading Plus

Prop Firms That Use TradingView (3)

Funded Trading Plus is another notable prop trading firm that leverages the capabilities of TradingView. Specializing in forex and commodities trading, Funded Trading Plus offers a variety of account sizes to prospective traders.

They particularly appreciate TradingView’s extensive indicator library, which allows traders to analyze multiple markets with precision. TradingView’s social community feature is also a hit, enabling traders to share and debate trading ideas, helping them to refine their strategies. Get started with Funded Trading Plus by using coupon code MODEST and get a 10% Discount!

Elite Trader Funding

Prop Firms That Use TradingView (4)

Elite Trader Funding is unique in that it focuses on providing funding for elite-level traders who already have a proven track record. The firm uses TradingView primarily for its advanced charting capabilities and range of trading instruments.

TradingView supports this by offering a wide range of assets to trade, from stocks to cryptocurrencies, commodities, and indices. This flexibility is valuable for Elite Trader Funding, where diversification and multi-asset strategies are often the key to maximizing profits. Get started with Elite Trader Funding by using coupon code ETF4EVER and enjoy 65% off!

The Drawbacks and How Firms Mitigate Them

No platform is perfect, and TradingView is no exception. Some common criticisms include limitations on the number of indicators that can be applied in the free version and occasional data feed lags. However, prop firms often mitigate these drawbacks by opting for TradingView’s premium plans that offer more resources.

Additionally, firms may integrate TradingView with other platforms or proprietary systems to create a more robust trading environment. By leveraging TradingView’s API, firms can even develop custom features tailored to their specific trading needs.

Community and Educational Aspects of TradingView

One of the most unique and powerful features of TradingView is its robust online community of traders, analysts, and enthusiasts. This network is especially beneficial for prop firms that aim to train and nurture trading talent.

Forums, interactive chats, and a plethora of shared trading ideas make it an invaluable resource for learning and skill refinement. Firms like TopStep, which already have rigorous training programs, can use these community features to complement their in-house training resources.

The educational content available on TradingView can also serve as a foundational or supplementary training ground for traders associated with prop firms. The platform offers comprehensive articles, webinars, and tutorials on various trading strategies, risk management, and market analysis.

Prop firms like Funded Trading Plus and Elite Trader Funding can leverage these resources to enhance the educational aspect of their trading programs, helping traders keep up-to-date with the latest market trends and strategies.

This is especially beneficial for firms focused on continuous learning and adaptation in the fast-paced world of trading.

Future Developments and Trends in Trading Technology

The world of trading is in a constant state of flux, driven by technological advancements and changing market conditions. Platforms like TradingView are continuously updating their features and capabilities to stay ahead of the curve.

The platform’s commitment to incorporating emerging technologies, such as AI and machine learning for market analysis, indicates a future where technology plays an even greater role in trading. Prop firms need to consider how they will adapt to or take advantage of these technological advancements to maintain a competitive edge.

Staying ahead in the trading industry requires more than just capital and skilled traders; it necessitates a forward-thinking approach to technology. As blockchain technology, decentralized finance (DeFi), and other innovations become more prevalent, trading platforms and prop firms alike must be prepared to evolve.

Firms should be looking at how they can integrate these new technologies to enhance trading performance, risk management, and operational efficiency. Prop firms that are quick to adapt to these changes are more likely to succeed in the increasingly complex and competitive landscape of financial trading.


In summary, TradingView has revolutionized the way trading firms operate by offering a host of features that make market analysis and strategy implementation more efficient. Firms like TopStep, Funded Trading Plus, and Elite Trader Funding are excellent examples of how TradingView’s functionalities can be utilized for maximizing trading performance.

Whether you’re a solo trader or part of a prop firm, the case for using TradingView is compelling. It provides a flexible, feature-rich environment conducive to making well-informed trading decisions, making it an essential tool in today’s trading landscape.

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